Zombie Keys

By: Axel Grude


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About this add-on

Enter accents, diacritics, diaeresis, umlauts, ligatures etc. with keyboards of various non-native countries (us,uk,ie,fr,it,ru,de,sv) - via easy to remember shortcuts or menu. Also supports all textboxes of the application (such as search, filters).

For a quick demonstration, watch my video.

Entering European languages (which include diacritics (accented characters, diaeresis, umlauts, etc.), ligatures, the Euro sign (€), etc.) into Mozilla applications using an English keyboard doesn't have to be a pain any more: ZombieKeys brings your dead keys to life!

Getting Started this guide describes how to set up Zombiekeys.

To best work with your keyboard use the configuration screen.

Currently supported keyboard languages and their shortcut mappings are documented here. The shortcuts have been chosen in a way that should make them easy to remember.


GNU General Public License 3.0


Version 2.21.1
Released: February 5, 2023