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By: Job Bautista


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About this add-on

This add-on reintroduces the Website Navigation Bar from SeaMonkey.

See for an explanation of what this one do (particularly the first answer by Dirk).

The old 2.53-1 version had a known bug in Phoenix-based browsers (e.g. Pale Moon and Basilisk), where the toolbar doesn't update its items when switching tabs. You had to refresh the page as a workaround. Fortunately, with help from FranklinDM, I was able to fix this bug in 2.53-2.

This add-on also supports Borealis Navigator, in fact this was the first application I targeted this extension for. Even the three viewing options have been replicated there!


Mozilla Public License 2.0


Version 3.3
Released: June 7, 2021