User Agent Status

By: Job Bautista


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About this add-on

User Agent Status allows you to get the useragent for the website you're currently in. It also lets you set a new site-specific user agent override (SSUAO), as well as reset it back to default. All in the status bar. Just click on the extension's icon on the statusbar to toggle the form and its buttons.

(Unfortunately for Basilisk, Iceweasel-UXP, and Waterfox Classic users, the textbox doesn't show up well with Status-4-Evar Revived. The old workaround of moving the icon to the navigation bar will not work. You can make use of the tooltip as well as the middle click actions and context menu items instead.)



GNU General Public License 3.0


Version 1.7.2
Released: December 25, 2022