The Good 'ol Sidebar

By: FranklinDM


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About this add-on

The Good 'ol Sidebar (TGS) is a sidebar control, inspired by Opera's. Click on the left edge of your browser window to open the sidebar and get easy access to all your panels. It lets you quickly switch between sidebar panels, view dialog windows such as downloads, add-ons, and more in the sidebar, or view websites in the sidebar. It includes a slide-out button and a toolbar, all of which can be extensively customized.

This add-on extends the sidebar of Pale Moon with many useful features:

Got Problems?

The source code of TGS is hosted on GitHub where you can contribute or make use of the issue tracker to report bugs. The link to the repository can be accessed at the right side of this page. When reporting bugs, check first if it is already reported before you open a new report and if possible, write meaningful reports with as much details as possible. It's time consuming to fix bugs which aren't reproducible or doesn't have a clear way to reproduce it.

You can also suggest features for the improvement of this extension through the issue tracker or if you would like to help in improving this extension, feel free to send a PR!


This extension is a fork of All-in-One Sidebar (AiOS), an extension originally made for Mozilla Firefox, which is now discontinued - you can read his statement about this here.


GNU General Public License 2.0


Version 1.1.0
Released: February 14, 2020