By: Moonchild


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About this add-on

This is a fork of the "Lull the tabs" extension, after community trust was lost in its author's extensions.

This add-on is designed to suspend inactive tabs to free up browser memory and reduce CPU load.
It is the full-featured successor of the BarTab / BarTab Heavy (Tycho) / BarTab Lite (X) extensions family, and uses modern APIs to ensure maximum performance with minimal conflicts with built-in browser functions and other extensions.

If you used Lull the Tabs or BarTab Heavy (Tycho) before, then its settings will be automatically imported to Suspender at first start.

To add a wildcard domain to the exception list, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the corresponding context menu. Whitelisted tabs can be forced to unload using Ctrl+click on the unload button in the address bar. Any tab can be recreated ("full reload") using Ctrl+Shift+click on this button, and Ctrl+Alt+click on it opens extension preferences.


Mozilla Public License 2.0

Version 1.0.2
Released: May 7, 2022