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By: Danny Lin


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About this add-on

ScrapBook X is a Pale Moon addon based on ScrapBook Plus and also integrating several features from the latest versions of ScrapBook.


  1. Save web pages faithfully: Web pages shown on the screen can be saved without losing any subtle detail. Time of saving and source URL are also recorded for later reference.
  2. Save partial content: You can save partial web content. You can decide whether to save images, audio and video files, fonts, frames, styles, and/or scripts. You can decide how to process saved styles. You can edit the web content to your liking before saving. You can save the web page as a bookmark. ... And more ways for saving are available for you.
  3. Extensive save: You can save web pages and files linked by the web page, save multiple opened tabs, save a list of pages using a URL list, ..., and there are more batch save functionality available for you.
  4. Manage data: You can manage saved items with a tree structure, just as easy as managing the bookmarks.
  5. Search data: You can search any fragment of the saved web pages with the built-in full-text engine.
  6. Edit data: You can add highlights, comments, annotations, or even edit the source html for the saved pages.
  7. Take notes: You can create note pages in ScrapBook, and edit them as easy as editing web pages.
  8. Input and output data: You can combine multiple data items into one. You can generate HTML tree list and make a static scrapbook site. You can configure multi-ScrapBook databases that won't interfere with each other. You can import and export data items for backup or exchange.
  9. Addons: Some addons can be integrated with ScrapBook to extend its power, such as these ones.


Simply download and install a desired version. If you are using ScrapBook or ScrapBook Plus, be sure to disable or remove them before using ScrapBook X, to prevent a possible conflict.



Please report issues to the source repository as possible for better discussion and tracking.


Mozilla Public License 2.0


Version 1.14.5
Released: December 8, 2017