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By: moonbat


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About this add-on

Automatically strips garbage tracking parameters like utm_source from URLs, and unshortens short links like bit.ly and tinyurl. The default list of garbage fields is comprehensive, and can be customized. This is forked from the original for Firefox.

It removes the most common tracking parameters like utm_source, you can customize it by adding your own in the 'Garbage fields list' in extension settings. This is a list where each field shown is automatically removed from all URLs. You can include domain specific filters, for example [email protected] will only remove the parameter fbclid from the Facebook domain but allow it elsewhere.

Processed URLs are logged to the console.
It can filter outgoing requests as well as rewrite links on pages. Rewritten links are subtly highlighted with a grey dotted line, and have the attribute 'pureurl-cleaned'.
URL rewriting can be done in two ways -

If logging is enabled, the processed URLs are sent to the error console with a prefix of [PureURL:] as Original/Cleaned requests for requests, and Original/Cleaned links for links fixed on webpages. Shortened URLs are logged with a prefix of [PureURL:] Original/Expanded link. Every processed link on the page also gets a tooltip showing its final resolved URL.

The addon's toolbar button indicates by color if it is active - green for enabled, red for disabled. Clicking the button toggles the state, i.e. by disabling and enabling all features together.

The following URL shorteners are currently supported for expansion -


GNU General Public License 3.0


Version 3.3
Released: January 23, 2021