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By: Falna


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About this add-on

New Tab Links will automatically open links in new tabs using a long-left click and - optionally - using a normal right click. Ideal for anyone who likes to open links in new tabs, or those using touch-screen devices.

The add-on works with links, bookmarks, history items and images, but not JavaScript links (which will open in the same tab).

New Tab Links is a fork of Right Links by Infocatcher.

Advanced Options

There are some advanced options available under about:config :

In addition, you can modify the hot keys for extensions.newtablinks.key.toggleStatus and forextensions.newtablinks.key.showSettingsPopup using one or more modifiers together with a key:

To disable the hotkeys, leave the preferences empty.

Note that :

  1. Some combinations of key and modifiers won't work

  2. Close and restart the browser to enable the changes


Custom License


Version 1.1.2
Released: January 30, 2024