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By: V@no


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There is a little inconvenience if MP+ set to block master password prompts - it will block them by canceling them before they appear on screen. Because of that if you open a web page that has login/autofill form and required master password, you'll need manually login via MP+ and refresh the page to get the available login information for the login/autofill form. The same thing applied to any other extensions, option windows, etc that use protect by master password data - if it's a window, you'll need reopen the window after you manually logged in with master password.

This addon is not a replacement for built-in master password, it's an enhancement for it. It also cannot guarantee total protection, simply because anyone can disable it even without starting the browser.
Disabling or uninstalling this addon will NOT delete your master password!
You can find more about master password

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GNU General Public License 3.0


Released: September 11, 2019