By: Job Bautista


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About this add-on

EditDatContent is a simple rich text editor that allows you to edit the contents of any HTML document. It does this by turning on document.designMode (versions before 1.2.0 modified the HTML's body tag to include a "contenteditable" attribute), allowing you to edit the whole webpage. Reality can be whatever you want!

Since version 2.0.0, this add-on now has basic rich text editing capabilities. It adds a toolbar to your browser where you can bold, italicize, and underline text, as well as align it to the left, right, center, or justify it. You can also make text bigger or smaller. And of course, it has the editability toggle.

Use this for annotating a webpage you are reading. Or as a WYSIWYG preview for the changes you're going to make on that page. Or make hilariously fake content on a website and prank your friends!*

In order to hide the toolbar, either click on the toolbar button (which you can add by customizing your toolbar, which you can find by right-clicking on one of the toolbars), or right-click on the add-on's toolbar and toggle the "Rich text editor" item.

*Please don't use this for malicious purposes, like creating fake news. That's not funny.


Mozilla Public License 2.0


Version 2.0.0
Released: April 6, 2021