Double-click Tweaks

By: H. Turgut Uyar


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About this add-on

Double-click Tweaks lets you double-click links to open them in new tabs. You can also open the following in a new tab by double-clicking:

Double-clicking a tab in the tab bar can be configured to duplicate it.

You can configure a toolbar button to be double-clickable by adding its id in the "extensions.double-click-tweaks.dblclickButtons" preference. For example, in order to make the home button double-clickable like the back and forward buttons, set:

extensions.double-click-tweaks.dblclickButtons = {"back-button":1,"forward-button

Similarly, the "extensions.double-click-tweaks.dblclickMenus" preference
can be used to make menus double-clickable.

Double-click Tweaks is a fork of the DblClicker extension by yochaim.


Mozilla Public License 1.1

Version 1.2.1
Released: February 2, 2022