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Over time, websites have started to rely more and more on large third parties for content delivery. Canceling requests for ads or tracking scripts usually goes without issues, but blocking actual content, unsurprisingly, breaks websites. Decentraleyes aims to cut out the middleman through blazing-fast delivery of local (bundled) content to improve your online privacy.

Am I Currently Protected?

The following testing utility shows you if you are properly protected. It's the recommended and, probably, fastest way to see if this add-on is installed, enabled, and correctly configured.

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Personal Support

Is your question not listed above, or do you have any other reason to contact me personally? You can always get in touch. Bug reports or suggestions are highly welcome and I reply to every single email.

Feel free to use this public PGP key for encrypted communication.

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Decentraleyes is, and will always be, free, but you can support its continued development by making a donation, by contributing on GitLab, or by spreading the word (which does wonders).

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Mozilla Public License 2.0

Version 1.4.3
Released: April 19, 2021