By: Job Bautista


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About this add-on

BrowserTickTock is a fork of DerBrowserTimer. It is a timer, clock, and alarm, all in one extension!

BrowserTickTock allows you to set an audible and/or visual alarm by specifying the alarm time in one of three ways:

In addition, Browser Tick Tock can be set to signal the hour and/or half hour with an alternate tone like a cuckoo clock.

The program is functionally, if not visually, patterned after a clock radio, with a simple interface consisting of a digital time readout and several indicator icons that can be placed anywhere on one of the browser toolbars. Left-clicking on the time will toggle between several display formats. Right clicking will open the main application menu where you can enable the alarm, access Browser Tick Tock's settings, and display Help information.

That's not all! It has other features too:

In 0.1.4, support for Basilisk, Interlink, Ambassador, and Borealis Navigator has been added. Support for Interlink and Ambassador is limited (you can't use the Load URL feature for example).


GNU General Public License 2.0

Version 0.1.4
Released: April 15, 2021