Auto-Sort Bookmarks

By: Antoni Boucher, Eric Bixby


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About this add-on

Provide a way to sort all bookmarks and automatically sort bookmarks.

This extension considers separators, so that it sorts bookmarks between separators.
This extension adds an icon to sort all bookmarks to the toolbar. To remove it, you must choose the Customize option in the context menu on the Pale Moon user interface.

Please backup your current bookmarks in case you do not like the new bookmarks order. Thus, you could restore them.

GitHub repository (Support Site):

This extension provides a few options categorized within these categories:

These options work like this:

Main Options:

Exclude Folders:

This button opens a new tab allowing you to exclude folders when sorting. If you uncheck the checkbox next to a folder, it wont be sorted, but the children folders will be sorted.
If you want to exclude a folder recursively from being sorted, check the recursive checkbox.

Sort Criteria:

Sort Order:

If you need technical support, discover a bug, or have a feature request, then please write an Issue on the support site.


GNU General Public License 3.0

Version 2.10.12
Released: February 24, 2017