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By: Falna


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About this add-on

Auto Text Link automatically detects text that is written in the format of a web address (or other URI), and enables it to be opened as a link, simply by double clicking. It will try to detect malformed links and make them openable too. It won't change the appearance of the page or insert any code - text will remain text.

There are a number of options enabling the link to open in the current tab, a new background or foreground tab, or a new page. Keyboard options are also provided, but may not be compatible.

Auto Text Link is a fork of Text Link by YUKI 'Piro' Hiroshi.

By design, only 'traditional' (.com, .org, etc.) and country-code top-level-domains are detected, not the ever-lengthening list of 'new' ICANN-era specialist top-level domains (.accountant, .bank, .camera, etc.).


Custom License


Version 1.1.1
Released: January 24, 2023