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Proxy Privacy Ruler is designed to restrict Proxy by Private Windows, Tabs and Domain List.

When using a proxy to reach blocked or censored websites (typically from countries with authoritarian regimes such as China, Iran, Russia, Turkey or Ukraine), it's useful to keep direct access for the rest of resources. Usually this is achieved by domain lists, but it's not always suitable and not all proxies supports such option.

Proxy Privacy Ruler allows to limit proxy usage by private windows, and together with Private Tab proxy can be enabled even only in private tabs within single browser window.

It supports all types of proxies that can be set via browser options, as well as most of popular add-ons, such as anonymoX, Browsec, friGate, Hoxx and ZenMate.

In addition there is custom domain list for enabling proxy in non-private windows and tabs.

The toolbar button allows quickly switch proxy limitation on and off, and when pressed with Ctrl opens the options.

Note: Proxy Privacy Ruler is incompatible with FoxyProxy, because the last one overwrites native Firefox Proxy Library.

To avoid any confusion: Proxy Privacy Ruler itself isn't a proxy service, it's designed to limit the other proxies (configured manually or with special add-ons) so that they work only within the private windows (or tabs) and/or by domain list.

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GNU General Public License 3.0

Version 1.2.2
Released: April 16, 2019