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About this add-on

PMPlayer can play browser supported video formats and videos from popular platforms in a separate pop up window. Currently it recognizes the following video extensions (playback subject to Pale Moon's codec support) - AAC,GIFV,MOV,MP4,OGA,OGV,WEBM. The following video sites are supported:

Launch the player using the toolbar button, tools menu option and page rightclick menu option which will all be active on a supported page. Additionally, rightclicking on an embedded supported video or a link to one will have 'Play with PMPlayer' in the context menu. The video window takes up a configurable default 25% of the screen size and is resizable as well.

Note on some videos not working

PMPlayer works by embedding the video into a <browser> element in a pop up window. Some videos (mostly songs & music videos on official channels) are restricted by the uploader from being embedded on other pages, so you may get a 'video not available' if you try to play them.


Mozilla Public License 1.1


Version 1.6
Released: May 14, 2021