Theme Maker

By: riiis

About this add-on

Create custom personas/light themes for Pale Moon. Use the ThemeTool extension, with most Pale Moon complete themes, to open, close, and change among your custom and other light themes (restarting browser never required).

To create or modify a custom solid-color light theme, click the Theme Maker "Options" button in Pale Moon's Add-ons Manager.

To customize the theme only for the Pale Moon "Navigation Toolbar" and "Bookmarks Toolbar", click the Theme Maker toolbar button. Create your own custom solid-color personas/light themes for these two toolbars. Or, select a persona/light theme, for these two toolbars, from the "Selected Theme" drop-down menu.

Fork of VivaldiFox extension by Tim Nguyen.


MIT License


Version 1.5.0
Released: November 29, 2018