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By: Off JustOff


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About this add-on

Lull The Tabs is designed to unload inactive tabs to free up browser memory (manually or automatically).

This add-on is the full-featured successor of the BarTab / BarTab Heavy (Tycho) / BarTab Lite (X) extensions family. It uses modern APIs to ensure maximum performance and no conflicts with built-in browser functions and other extensions.

Here is a small comparison table:
                                                                  BarTab Heavy              BarTab Lite X           Lull The Tabs
Hook into Progress Listeners                on every tab                 on every tab                     no
Hook into Web Navigation                    on every tab                        no                                no
Hook into Session Manager                          yes                                 yes                               no
Conflict with "Find in page"                           yes                                 no                               no
Auto unload inactive tabs                             yes                                 no                               yes
Prevent background tab loading              broken                             no                               yes
Support wildcard whitelisting                      no                                  —                                 yes
Support IDN in the whitelist                         no                                  —                                 yes
Restartless                                                        no                                 yes                               yes

If you used BarTab Heavy (Tycho), then its settings will be automatically imported at the first start. To add a wildcard domain to the exception list, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the corresponding context menu. Whitelisted tabs can be forced to unload using Ctrl+click on the unload button in the address bar. Any tab can be recreated ("full reload") using Ctrl+Shift+click on this button, and Ctrl+Alt+click on it - opens extension preferences.

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Mozilla Public License 2.0

Version 1.5.0
Released: June 14, 2020