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By: riiis


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Toolbar icon provides current temperature. Click icon for detail weather and forecast from Google Search, or to change weather location.

To change weather location, click the "Forecast and Weather on the Button" toolbar button. Replace "Mountain View, CA", in the panel search box, with your new location. Note that the panel search box is an actual Google search box, so the "Current Weather: " portion of the search text (in English or other language) is required.

Also note, that the buttons, in the search panel, may no longer be responsive, as they once were (for example, changing from degrees Fahrenheit (°F) to/from degrees Celsius (°C)). If so, simply add the desired change to your search string (for example, change "Current Weather: Mountain View, CA" to "Current Weather: Mountain View, CA C" or "Current Weather F Mountain View, CA", to display in a temperature scale different from the default temperature scale.)

Settings changes, using the toolbar button, are not retained between browser sessions. To save these changes for future browser sessions, first copy your changed search string from the weather panel. Then open "Forecast and Weather on the Button" options, in Add-ons Manager. Then, paste your new search string in the text box labeled "Search using Google".

"Forecast and Weather on the Button" is a fork of the "Google™ Weather" extension for Firefox by moris.


Mozilla Public License 2.0


Version 1.4.2
Released: January 22, 2020