Active Stop Button

By: Off JustOff


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About this add-on

Active Stop Button is designed to stop gif animation with button, context menu or Esc key.

Features list:

  1. Separate Stop and Reload buttons* like it was in old vanilla Firefox
  2. Make Stop button be always active to stop gif animation
  3. Reenable Stop item in right-click context menu
  4. Safely revive ability to stop animation with Esc key
  5. Stop** all tabs with single click, double click, ctrl+click or right click on Stop button

* If you need to uncombine Stop/Reload buttons from the location bar, put "Zero space" separator between or before them.
** There is an option to stop AJAX along with gif animation on all tabs (use with caution!)

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BSD 2-Clause

Version 1.5.11
Released: December 18, 2019